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Soldiers’ AGM Set for July 30

7/11/2007 12:00:00 AM

The Annual General Meeting of Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital will conclude on the evening of July 30. That is one of several decisions from a meeting last night, that the hospital board is optimistic will  help to re-engage the community and result in the successful completion of the AGM.


In particular, the board has struck a sub-committee to open discussions with community stakeholders on the format for proceeding with the AGM and to address issues arising from it. The goal is to find common ground to work together, ensuring that the meeting can run smoothly and that the business of the hospital corporation can be completed.


The AGM will begin at 7:00 p.m. Registration will begin at 5:30 p.m. The location will be announced as soon as it can be confirmed.


Also, after much careful thought, Josephine Martensson-Hemsted has announced that she is stepping down as Chair of the Board. She does remain a board member. The board is very grateful for her hard work and dedication to the hospital during this very challenging year.


Mary Silverthorn has agreed to take on the role of board chair. Jim Crocker remains vice-chair. Bob Middaugh takes on a new position of second vice-chair and Rob Mauro is treasurer, (replacing James Housser who stepped down from the board after completing his term in June). All of these positions are interim until the inaugural meeting which follows the AGM.


Also last night, Patt Carter was confirmed as the board member for the Nurses Alumnae association.


“Our board members are very hopeful that all of these actions support our community effort to move forward, to resolve the issues surrounding the AGM and other issues of concern,” says Mary Silverthorn. “The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone can put our focus back where it needs to be, on providing the best patient care possible to our community.”


For more information please contact:

Sharon Burkhart, Director of Public Affairs

Tel: (705) 327-9179

Email: sburkhart@osmh.on.ca

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