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Soldiers’ struggles with heat and humidity

6/10/2008 12:00:00 AM

Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital continues to struggle with the humidity brought on by yesterday’s high temperatures which today resulted in the cancellation of elective surgeries at the hospital.


Yesterday’s high temperatures caused a transformer failure at Soldiers’. Damages to the cooling and humidity control system increased humidity levels within the hospital and resulted in the cancellation of all elective surgeries.


Officials at Soldiers’ Memorial are currently working to ensure all affected patients will have their surgeries rescheduled as soon as a safe environment is available.


“Patient care and safety are our main concern, and until our cooling systems are up and running again we have had to scale back our essential services,” explains Elisabeth Riley, President and CEO. “In the meantime we are working with our regional partners to ensure that our patients receive necessary care; our hospital staff have also been extremely supportive and are working to ensure that all our patients are comfortable.”


Emergency surgeries are being directed to three nearby hospitals: Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Muskoka Algonquin Health Care’s Huntsville site and Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie.


Soldiers’ Memorial is currently in the process of cooling the Labour and Delivery Room in order to do emergency c-sections. OSMH on-call surgeons will continue to assess surgical patients presenting to the ER and we will respond to surgeries that are “life or limb” in nature.


Last night all hospital staff worked to ensure that all supplies for the OR, emergency and inpatient units were kept sterile. And facilities staff worked to get the transformers and cooling systems up and running.


We are currently monitoring the situation and will be providing updates as they are available.


For more information please contact:

Jaclyn Bucik, Public Affairs Coordinator
Tel: (705) 325-2201 ext. 3617
Email: jabucik@osmh.on.ca    

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