Welcome to Soldiers' / Students with Confirmed Placements

Welcome to OSMH

Welcome! We are very excited to have you become a learner within the OSMH team! This section will provide you with information regarding your placement at OSMH.

In preparation for your placement, please visit our Getting Started page for more information and what you’ll need to know before coming to OSMH.

We want to hear from you
We want to ensure all our learners have the best experience possible. If you are interested in improving the student experience, or have ideas, compliments or concerns, email us at studentplacements@osmh.on.ca

Connect with the OSMH community
Our hospital is a big place. To connect with other health professional students, interns, residents and fellows, check your email or message boards in your departments for information about events, learning opportunities and more.

Follow OSMH on social media channels - Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

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