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Confidentiality and Patient Privacy for Employees, Affiliates and Students

Personal health information is anything that can identify an individual such as their name, their health card number or other identifying information that can be related to their health status or care, such as a test result with their name on it. Patients have the right to access and correct their personal health information, and place certain restrictions upon its use (as per Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act or PHIPA).  OSMH has an obligation to ensure that the patient information is kept confidential.  Specifically:
  • Personal health information belongs to the patient or individual whom it identifies and individuals have a right to ensure their information is handled in accordance with PHIPA and with OSMH’s Privacy Policy.
  • OSMH is the custodian of personal health information held within our records and is accountable for its collection, use, disclosure and retention under PHIPA.
  • Access to other’s personal health information is an employee privilege. Continued access is dependent on your maintaining the confidentiality of the information throughout its use both inside and outside of the hospital setting. Every person accessing personal health information at OSMH is responsible for ensuring that their access is required for authorized OSMH business purposes.
  • Everyone has a stake in protecting information privacy at OSMH. You should understand not only your rights to personal privacy protection, but also your obligation to maintain the confidentiality of other's information as you carry out your daily activities. 
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