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OSMH implementing changes to improve efficiency

5/5/2010 12:00:00 AM

(Wednesday May 5, 2010 - Orillia, ON) – Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) announced today it is proceeding with a number of changes that will have an impact on staffing in certain areas and reduce the number of beds it currently operates. 


“Similar to the changes implemented one year ago, some positions will be added while other positions will be eliminated as we continue to strive towards improving our overall efficiency, while maintaining our focus on quality and safety,” said Elisabeth Riley, President and Chief Executive Officer. 


The process began today with formal notification to union representatives, departments and individuals who are impacted by the changes. Under collective bargaining agreements, there is a notification period of up to 5 months for some staff and the changes will also create an opportunity for eligible staff to consider early retirement options. 


“We highly value all our staff and our goal throughout this process will be to retain as many people as possible,” said Riley.  “Until staff exercises the options available to them, we won’t know the full impact of the changes from a people perspective.”


Under the changes being introduced today, approximately 33 positions are being eliminated in various departments while 25 positions are being created.  Approximately one-third (11 of 33) of the positions being eliminated are currently vacant.


“While these efficiency-driven changes would be appropriate in any circumstance, it’s important to recognize the financial climate that has prompted them,” said Riley.  “Our hospital will be in a significant deficit position again this year and our primary funder, the province of Ontario, faces a substantial financial challenge as well.  ”    


Along with staffing adjustments, OSMH has targeted a total of 25 bed closures over the next two years through a reduction in the number of patients who no longer require the services of the hospital but are unable to access appropriate care elsewhere in the community, and through improvements in patient length of stays. 


All of the changes are aimed at maintaining the same level of service to the communities being served but doing so in a more cost-effective way. 


“We are committed to spending taxpayer dollars in the most efficient way possible and I want to ensure the community that the changes being made reflect our vision of being a centre of excellence for our community and our region,” said Riley.


Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) provides a comprehensive range of programs and services, including medical, surgical and emergency care, dialysis, obstetrical and paediatric care, oncology, complex continuing care, mental health and rehabilitation services. For more information please visit our website at www.osmh.on.ca.




For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:


Terry Dyni, Director Community Relations
T: (705) 327-9179
E: tadyni@osmh.on.ca


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