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Why Others Give


The giving spirit that lives at OSMH shows that our people are passionate about what they do and the lives that they touch. They go above and beyond to save lives and keep our community well.


The donors to the Family Campaign play a huge role in our life-saving work. Each gift the Foundation receives says that they care about the work that happens here, about the health and care of our patients. It says that they support our mission and are dedicated to our patients, their families and our community.


Dr. Nancy Merrow

Chief of Staff and VP Medical Affairs

The hospital is the heart of the community in so many ways. Those of us who have the privilege to work at OSMH know from the inside what it takes to make it a place where people and their families feel connected and cared for. When the OSMH family leads by example in giving back to the foundation, we help the community to create a powerful legacy. I give a regular monthly amount that adds up over time to a gift I am proud of year after year. The hospital is my charity of choice because I know who will benefit, and that is everyone I care about.

Cheryl Harrison

VP of Patient Care Services, Regional Programs and Chief Nursing Executive

As the VP of Patient Care Services, Regional Programs and the Chief Nursing Executive for over 7 years, I see the tremendous patient care that is provided to our patients & families every day by our staff, physicians and volunteers.  Although I try hard to recognize those efforts, I wanted to give a more tangible recognition; the iGive Family Campaign has afforded me that opportunity. Through my regular contributions I know that I'm giving back to the OSMH family and the patients they serve. My donation will contribute to assisting in the purchase of clinical equipment that will assist the staff/physicians in their day to day work and ultimately support the care they are able to provide to our patients. Being a Senior Leader at OSMH is truly a privilege and the iGive Family Campaign has been a wonderful way of expressing that!

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