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Lotto OSMH - Hospital Family BiWeekly 50/50 Draw

Frequently Asked Questions


1.    How do I sign up for the lottery?

It’s easy! Sign up by downloading the form and follow the instructions for return or visiting HR or the Foundation office at 146 Mississaga St. W.

2.    What are the methods of payment?

a)    $5 biweekly payment via payroll for 6 weeks – for full and part time staff ONLY
b)    $30 one-time payment via cheque or credit card – for casual staff, physicians and  volunteers (covers the cost of your ticket the 6 draws held between January – March 2016)

3.    Where do the draws take place and when?

The draws will be overseen by two Foundation staff and will be conducted at the Foundation office at 4pm every payday.  Here are the anticipated draws for January – March 2016:

January 21
February 6 & 18
March 3, 17 & 31  

4.    How are winners notified?

We will do everything we can to get in touch with you. Winners will be notified via email, hospital extension, or any other preferred method of contact included on the initial enrollment forms. We will do so within 48 hours. But if we don’t hear from you within 20 business days, you will not be able to claim your prize. Be sure to check your email and voicemail the Friday after every draw!

5.    What if the lottery is sold out?

Names will be placed on a waiting list. If a spot becomes available, the ticket will be reassigned to the next person on the list in the order in which their enrollment form was received.

6.    Why are there only 200 tickets being printed?

This is because of the limits of our license. Our license allows us to sell up to $6,000 of tickets. When you factor in 6 draws at $5 apiece, that works out to be 200 tickets for the 3 months without going over the license limit. Don’t worry, if the first 3 months of this lottery is successful, we can apply for a bigger limit! Don’t forget to send your form in so that we can plan for a bigger limit for the remainder of 2016!

7.    What if I want to opt out of the program?

To opt out of the program, you may do so at any time by completing an Opt-Out Form and returning it to the Foundation. Participants must allow two weeks’ processing time to opt out of the draw. Should an employee opt out, the next person on the waiting list will receive that person’s ticket number. Should the employee wish to re-enroll, they may do so by submitting the Enrollment form, but will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Should the employee opting out have paid by cash, credit or cheque, the balance of the remaining draws will be refunded notwithstanding opt-out processing time.

8.    What if I lose my ticket?

Don’t worry! Please try to treat your ticket like you would any lottery ticket. If the worst happens, simply bring your hospital badge and one piece of photo ID to the Foundation office. Your name will then be checked against our ticket number list, and you will receive the matching reprinted ticket marked Duplicate.

9.    What does the lottery support at OSMH?

All proceeds from the lottery will support hospital-wide equipment needs and patient care.

10.    Can I choose what program area I want my lottery ticket purchase to support?

No, we must choose specific equipment in order to comply with licensing standards set forth by the City of Orillia. Hospital-wide equipment needs seemed like the best place to get the most benefit to all departments.

11.    What are the lottery rules?

A complete list of rules can be found here.

12.    Who can participate?

All current OSMH staff with valid employee numbers, physicians and volunteers may participate with the exception of OSMH Foundation staff.

13.    Can I win more than once?

Yes, one ticket is eligible for all draws scheduled after the time of purchase, so there is a chance that someone could win more than once.

14.    Is anyone excluded from participating?

Yes, OSMH Foundation staff cannot participate. Lottery regulations exclude anyone responsible for conducting the lottery from purchasing tickets or winning prizes.
15.     Will I see the deductions on my electronic payroll slips?

Yes, there will be a line showing your lottery deductions of $5 per pay. If you are also donating through your payroll, you will see those separately in their usual spot.

16.    Can I have a tax receipt?

Sorry, but lottery ticket purchases are non-receiptable, as per CRA guidelines.


Download a copy of the FAQs here.

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