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Lotto OSMH - Hospital Family BiWeekly 50/50 Draw

Rules and Regulations
  1. This raffle is licensed by the City of Orillia License number M764058 and is subject to the regulations set by the Alcohol and Gaming commission of Ontario and the City of Orillia.
  2. All current OSMH staff with valid employee numbers, physicians and volunteers may participate with the exception of OSMH Foundation staff.
  3. When each participant enrolls in the draw, s/he is enrolling for all 6 draws taking place from January – March 2016, unless the Foundation is notified in writing otherwise. Participants keep their ticket issued prior to the first draw for all draws. Participation is limited to one ticket per person. 
  4. Participants must be 18 years of age or older at the date of the first draw.
  5. Participants may register by submitting the enrollment form via fax (705-325-4693), Foundation mailbox in the interoffice mailroom, or by scanning and sending the completed form to Enrollment forms can be downloaded from the Foundation website at or the Hospital Intranet page.  Copies of the enrollment forms may also be picked up in HR or the Foundation office at 146 Mississaga St. W. The deadline to enroll for the first draw is January 15, 2016.
  6.  In the event that the lottery is sold out, registrants will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which forms are received. The Foundation will inform the registrant if this is the case, and where they are on the waiting list.
  7. At the end of the draws all current ticket holders will maintain their existing ticket number, which will roll over into the next lottery. For staff participating via payroll, your payment will automatically renew starting April 14, 2016 for one year unless the Foundation is notified otherwise in writing; for staff, physicians and volunteers participating via other methods, your ticket number will roll over when payment is received. A reminder will be sent to all participants beginning in March 2016.
  8. Actual prize amount varies with participation up to a maximum of $500 per draw. 50% of all monies received for each biweekly draw will be awarded to the winner. At the end of the draws, funds will be granted to a hospital-wide equipment item from the approved list and approved by the licensing authority.
  9. Price of ticket is $5 per draw for a maximum of $30 per person for all 6 draws between January – March 2016. A maximum of one ticket per person will be issued per draw. Only one name can be entered per ticket. A winner is still eligible to win in future paid draws.
  10. A maximum of 200 tickets will be played per draw, with a maximum of 1200 tickets to be played during the 6 draws to be held between January – March 2016. Tickets are issued on a first come, first serve basis. Should the number of enrollment forms received exceed 200, the Foundation will keep a waiting list and as tickets become available, they will be offered to those on the waiting list in the order in which entries were received.
  11. Methods of payment are via payroll deduction, cheque or credit card. If a participant is paying via cheque or credit, s/he must pre-pay in full for their participation in all 6 draws ($30). If a participant is paying via payroll, the cost of the ticket per draw will be deducted from employee’s pay on a biweekly basis ($5 biweekly).
  12. Draws will be conducted biweekly on each Thursday payday at 4pm at the Foundation office located at 146 Mississaga St. W., Orillia ON.  The first draw will take place on Thursday, January 21, 2016, with all subsequent draws taking place biweekly on payday Thursdays, with the last draw to take place on March 31, 2016. All names will be entered into an electronic raffle database and the winner will be selected at random.  All draws will be overseen by two bona fide members of the OSMH Foundation (licensing organization), both of whom are full-time Foundation employees with knowledge of the lottery regulations.
  13. Winners will be notified of their prize, including amount, and date it will be available for pick-up. This notification will be by phone and email within 24 hours of the draw, or by method indicated on enrollment form. The winner can claim winnings via cheque within two weeks of the draw date at the Foundation office. Hospital ID must be presented along with a copy of your original ticket and one other piece of photo ID at the Foundation office to receive winnings. The winner must claim prize within 20 business days; if prize is unclaimed, two tickets will be drawn at the next draw following that 20 days. All reasonable effort will be made to notify the winner. Prizes will be paid via cheque only in the name of the ticket holder. 
  14. In order to be eligible for the draw, your ticket must be paid for prior to the draw date.
  15. If there is a waiting list, the Foundation will hold ineligible tickets for two draws. The Foundation will make all reasonable efforts to inform participants after one failed payment; if the second payment also fails, that ticket will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list. 
  16. Purchase of tickets is not eligible for a tax receipt per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.
  17. The winner will be featured in Hospital Communication vehicles, including The Mirror, the Intranet, the Foundation website, Foundation social media, etc. By purchasing a ticket you agree to have your name and photo shared for this purpose only in these communication vehicles. Names of winners will also be shared with the licensing authority, per licensing requirements.
  18. To opt out of the program, Participants can do so at any time by completing an opt-out form available upon request to the HR or Foundation office or via Participants must allow two weeks’ processing time to opt out of the draw. Should an employee opt out, the next person on the waiting list will receive that person’s ticket number. Should the employee wish to re-enroll, they may do so by submitting a new Enrollment form, but will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. No refunds will be issued for draws which have already occurred.
  19. If a participant has a concern with the lottery, they can be in touch with Lisa Stanley, Director Finance & Development at the Foundation office ext. 3191, or  Complete lottery rules and regulations, lottery FAQ’s, enrollment and opt-out forms can be found on the Foundation website at or the Hospital Intranet page.  Copies of all forms may also be picked up in HR or the Foundation office at 146 Mississaga St. W.

Click here to view the Lotto OSMH FAQ's, or click the link below to download forms or information.

Enrolment Form
Opt-Out Form
Staff Lottery Rules & Regulations

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