Welcome to Soldiers' / Discharge

The purpose of your stay at OSMH is to regain your health with the assistance of our healthcare team. If and when your condition permits, your attending physician will let you know when you may be able to leave the hospital. If you are being discharged, please make sure you have arranged for a family member or friend to drive you home at the required discharge time so that another patient requiring a bed can be accommodated.


Accounts Payable
Please visit the Cashier's Desk in the Main Lobby before you leave to pick up any personal belongings left for safekeeping and to arrange to pay charges not covered by your insurance (e.g. telephone, television rental, etc.). Please note that doctors' fees are not included in the hospital's charge.


Home Care Services
After you leave the hospital you may need Home Care Services. Discharge planning staff may be involved during your stay and can give more information about available services.

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