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Patient Declaration of Values


Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) will deliver the best possible care to you while in hospital. In our role as caregivers, we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations of quality by always improving our patient care and services.


Based on patient and community feedback, a Patient Declaration of Values has been established to acknowledge your expectations of us. It has been aligned with the values of our hospital; integrity, caring, respect, participation and accountability.



  • My personal privacy is respected, and I will respect the privacy of others
  • My personal health information remains confidential, and shared only with those involved in my care
  • My family or designate may be involved, and welcomed, in discussions or decisions about my health


  • I am treated with compassion and caring and made to feel welcome
  • I am treated according to expected standards of care
  • I am treated in an environment that meets or exceeds health and safety standards


  • My cultural and religious beliefs and practices are taken into consideration in the way care is provided
  • I am treated with dignity, courtesy and respect in an atmosphere free of prejudice and harassment, and I will treat others the same
  • I maintain the right to refuse any procedure or medical treatment, and be informed of the impact of these decisions


  • I am kept informed about my health status and actively involved in decision-making about the care I receive
  • I am supported and encouraged to express my opinions about the care I receive
  • I and/or my family will take an active role in the next steps along my health care journey


  • I can rely on the quality of information I receive
  • I will provide accurate information about myself and I am accountable for my actions
  • I am informed of financial costs, if any, before a service is provided
Compassion Accountability Respect Engagement
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