Welcome to Soldiers' / Board of Directors

OSMH Board of Directors

(as of November, 2013)


Elected Voting Members

Greg Gee, Chair

Paul Leskew, First Vice-Chair 

Jeffrey French, Second Vice-Chair and Treasurer

George Beatty 

Jacques Boulet 

Ken Brownlee

Ted Emond 

Tony Katarynych 

Michael McMurter

Ted Sasaki

Al Scott

Paulette Wilson


Ex-Officio Voting Members

Judith Cox, Representative, County of Simcoe

Jamie McIsaac, Representative, Royal Canadian Legion

Angelo Orsi, Representative, City of Orillia

Glenna Tinney, Representative, Nurses Alumni


Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

Cheryl Harrison, Chief Nursing Executive

Dr. Nancy Merrow, Chief of Staff

Dr. Mike Odlozinski, Vice President, Medical Staff Association

Elisabeth Riley, President and CEO, Secretary 
Dr. Don Sangster, President, Medical Staff Association

Integrity, Caring, Respect, Participation, Accountability.
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