Couchiching Health at Home Program

The Couchiching Health at Home program offers in-home services, provided by Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) or Therapy Providers such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Social Work. This program is provided in partnership with Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital and the Couchiching Ontario Health Team.

What is Couchiching Health at Home?

The Couchiching Health@Home program offers in-home services, provided by Personal Support Workers (PSW’s), and Therapy Providers.

If you are new to the program, your Care Coordinator will review your services with you, and together, you will design a program that best suits your needs.

Other information that may be discussed with you includes:

  • What time of day, or day of the week your services may occur.
  • Information such as emergency contacts, special instructions regarding your home, your medical history and personal preferences.

For more information call 1-888-589-4109 or email

Program Services

The Couchiching Health@Home program offers three streams of in-home support services to assist you and/or your loved one at home:  Personal Support Services,  Respite and Therapies.  Nursing Services are coming soon.

Personal Support Services

Bathing Activities

  • Assistance to prepare for a bath, take a bath or sponge bath and cleaning the sink, bath or shower after provider use when necessary.

Oral Hygiene

  • Assistance with preparing tooth brush, moisturizing lips.

Hair/Scalp Care

  • Assistance with washing hair, brushing hair, drying hair after washing

Skin/Nail Care

  • Assistance with applying non-medicated skin lotion to intact skin, assisting with filing finger nails.


  • Assistance to put on or remove clothes.

Perineal Hygiene

  • Assistance with washing, rinsing and drying the perineal area.

Elimination of Waste Material

  • Assistance to use a toilet, commode, urinal or bedpan; assistance to change personal hygiene products; attaching, securing or detaching urinary drainage bag; emptying of urinary drainage bag and stoma bag; emptying or cleaning commode, urinal or bedpan after use when necessary.


  • Assistance with preparing a light meal that does not require the use of a stove or oven, warming prepared food in a microwave, dividing and storing prepared food; washing, drying or putting away dishes used to assist with feeding and disposing of garbage when necessary.


  • Reminders and prompts to take medications during service provision all meds that are cued must be prepoured or in a blister package, dosette or other secure medication storage device and labeled appropriately.


  • Cuing to perform range of motion, mobility or gait exercises as prescribed by registered provider.

Positioning and Physical lifting/Transferring

  • Assistance to turn and reposition, using a lift device (eq. Hoyer Lift), using a transfer device (eq. sit-stand lift, transfer disc, pole) – with appropriate training, equipment and environment.

Support of Psychosocial Needs

  • Engage in conversation, attend short walks, support independence, dignity, social, emotional and cultural well-being.

 Supportive Activities*

  • Making or changing bed linens, placing linens in a washing machine within the home, cleaning of items and primary living areas after Personal Support use including light vacuuming and dusting, garbage disposal and light meal preparation.

Safety Checks*

  • Ensuring overall safety which may include temperature of home, physical wellbeing and availability of food.

*Denotes care that may be provided by varied disciplines, including PSW, Nursing or Therapy providers.


Respite Services*

  • Provide temporary relief for primary caregiver in the home, for up to three consecutive hours.

*Denotes care that may be provided by varied disciplines, including PSW or Therapy providers.

Nurse Practitioner Support

Nurse Practitioner Support

  • Will support seamless discharges home from hospital by increasing accessible medical care within the patient’s home, enhance collaboration and communication with healthcare providers, and offer medical support as needed to patients with/without a family doctor.
Nursing - Coming Soon

Nursing Services

  • Full nursing services including health assessments, medication and treatment administration, wound dressing care and changes, CVAD maintenance, catheter care, enteral feeding, IV therapy, vaccine injection.

Exercise Therapy

  • Review of current functional mobility and suggest improvements for daily living. Provide an exercise program focused on basic stretching/strengthening, function and energy conservation as appropriate.

Occupational Therapy

  • Assessment of activities of daily living (examples include bathing and dressing) and instrumental activities of daily living (meal prep and medication management). Home Safety assessment and recommendations as needed.

Physio Therapy

  • Promotion and maintenance of physical health through examination, physical intervention, disease prevention and health promotion activities.

Social Work

  • Promotion of individual, family and caregiver wellbeing and linking clients to community-based resources.

Couchiching Health at Home Patient Bill of Rights