The North Simcoe Muskoka Regional Genetics Program offers comprehensive testing and counselling services to individuals and families with genetic concerns.

About Our Program

We provide information about genetic disorders and risks, to help individuals and families make personal decisions about their health and obtain the medical management they need.

Genetic testing can:

  • Detect abnormalities in developing pregnancies;
  • Indicate the likelihood of a patient developing an inherited condition such as Huntington disease or hereditary breast cancer later in life; and
  • Diagnose genetic diseases after symptoms begin to be experienced.

As a regional centre for genetics we offer a wide variety of services:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and consultation;
  • Genetic testing options available;
  • Provide resources and support through the genetic testing process; and
  • Provide information about support groups and other relevant services

Patients may be referred to our program by their physician or primary healthcare provider.

Contact Us

NSM Regional Genetics Program
170 Colborne Street West
Orillia, ON L3V 2Z3

T: 705-327-9154
F: 705-325-9459

Referrals and Resources

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