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The goal of OSMH's Infection Prevention and Control program is to reduce the risk of infection amongst patients, staff and visitors, and to prevent and control infections should they occur.


Infection control is everyone’s responsibility, including patients and their friends and family members. OSMH uses special precautions to help prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading to other patients, staff and visitors.


For all patients, visitors and staff, frequent and careful hand-washing is the single most effective means of stopping the spread of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.  Dispensers are located throughout the hospital with alcohol based hand sanitizer.  Please wash your hands frequently with sanitizer or warm soap and water, and remind all who visit you (care-givers and visitors) to do so as well.


Through the implementation of best practices for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections, we keep our commitment to the safety of our patients, staff, physicians, volunteers and students. Below is a link to OSMH’s current data on hospital-associated infections. 


Click here to find OSMH's Patient Safety Quality Indicator Reports.


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