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The Day Hospital program provides interventions for acute symptoms of mental illness or psychosocial stressors that interfere with daily living as an alternative to an in-patient admission. This partial hospitalization option allows patients to continue with evening routines while learning new coping skills and strategies during the day in a supportive environment with a multidisciplinary team.


The Day Hospital program provides group and individualized support, averages three weeks in length, with the expectation that patients attend daily from Monday to Friday.


The program provides:

  • Assessment and stabilization for clients experiencing problems arising from crisis situations
  • An alternative to hospitalization for clients whose condition, if not stabilized, could result in hospitalization with the emphasis on skill development and system management
  • Transitional support for clients who no longer requires inpatient care but who do require ongoing contact within a structured and supportive environment to prevent relapse
  • Support and supervision to clients within the community who are undergoing medication adjustments

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Mental Health Services

170 Colborne Street West

Orillia, ON L3V 2Z3


T: (705) 325-2201 ext. 6395

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