Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Kicking off the new year and a new decade is the perfect opportunity to for the first blog of 2020.   Before I begin, I would like to start by thanking all the staff, credentialed staff and volunteers for their hard work over the holiday break.   Having an opportunity to visit different areas of the hospital during this time, I was incredibly proud of how committed everyone was to delivering excellent, compassionate care… every day.   The holidays can be a difficult time for many in our community and OSMH rose to the occasion to support health.   Thank you for everything you do.

Celebrating the end of 2019 is also a great opportunity for reflection.   If I had to pick one word to describe the year, it would have to be “changes”.   I will highlight a few.

We have seen many changes in the various teams across OSMH from hospital leadership to front line staff.   Although changes in teams can be disruptive, it is also incredibly exciting.   We have a number of examples of areas of the hospital undergoing significant recruitment of staff for a number of positions.   A great example is our Way Home Unit on Harvey 2.   Last year at this time, we were scrambling to get it open.   Over the year, it has been a key addition at OSMH to support our patients in transitioning home.  Watching this and other groups come together, supporting each other in their development and hitting their stride as emerging teams is exciting to watch.

We have also seen many changes in health policy over the past year.   With the introduction of Ontario Health and more specifically, the success of the Couchiching Ontario Health Team, OSMH is positioned to be part of an incredible opportunity to transform the health of our community.   In my opinion, the most exciting part of the Ontario Health Team opportunity is working more closely with our community partners such as primary care and home and community care in new and different ways.  Our front line providers are well aware of the changes that are required and it is our collective opportunity to design our future together.

So what is in store for 2020?   Will the Raptors repeat or is it finally the right time for the Leafs?   Perhaps I will stick to the OSMH team instead…

What I can say is that by embracing the changes and opportunities, I am incredibly optimistic looking forward.   OSMH has a great opportunity to strengthen our teams, making them even better at providing excellent, compassionate care… every day.   We also have a great opportunity to re-imagine the role of OSMH in the future of health care delivery.    The time is right to refresh our strategic plan with new goals for the next 3-5 years.     I look forward to hearing from as many people as we can on this important work in the weeks and months to come.

All the best in 2020.   Wishing everyone health and happiness.