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OSMH Patients Gain Enhanced Access to Health Records through MyChart™ Online Portal

OSMH Patients Gain Enhanced Access to Health Records through MyChart™ Online Portal

(Orillia, ON) Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) announced today that patients now have expanded access to their health records through the user-friendly MyChart™ online portal. This free and secure tool allows patients to conveniently view their medical information from the comfort of their own computer or smart device.

“Traditionally, patients needed to submit formal requests to the hospital’s Health Records department to obtain their medical information”, said Siuwin Wang, Director, Business Analytics and Health Information Management at OSMH. “With the implementation of MyChart, the registration process allows patients to remotely access, manage, and even share their hospital medical records through computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets, streamlining the entire process.”

Developed by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, MyChart™ has earned the trust of more than 50 hospitals across Ontario, benefiting thousands of patients who now have the ability to manage their health information remotely.

The OSMH Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) are strong supporters of the MyChart™ portal. Some council members have personally experienced the advantages of the service at other hospitals where it is already in place.

Barb Shakell-Barkey, Chair of the OSMH PFAC, expressed her appreciation for the tool, stating, “It’s a welcome addition that empowers patients to take greater control of their healthcare journey. MyChart™ provides comfort, knowing patients can access and review their information at any time.”

Patients can easily register for MyChart™ by visiting or by consulting a registration clerk during their next hospital visit. The portal is safe, confidential and secure, employing the same encryption measures used in online banking.

To sign up for MyChart™, patients require a valid email account and an activation code. The activation code will be emailed back to you after your initial registration. Following registration, patients and designated family members will gain access to various features, including lab reports, diagnostic tests, clinical documentation, and a comprehensive health history overview encompassing allergies, medications, and immunizations.

For further information, please visit the MyChart™ webpage on the OSMH website.