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Trust, Courage and Teamwork highlighted OSMH Board Awards of Excellence

Trust, Courage and Teamwork highlighted OSMH Board Awards of Excellence

(Orillia, ON) – Innovation and steadfast commitment to both patient care and colleagues emerged as key themes among the nominees and recipients honored at the 2023 Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) Board Awards of Excellence. The awards were unveiled during a special ceremony at the hospital and simultaneously broadcasted to the organization via Zoom on Wednesday.

Aligned with the hospital’s Strategic Plan, these peer-nominated awards recognize individuals who embody the institution’s core Values – Trust, Courage, and Teamwork. Winners were recognized in each Value category, alongside the presentation of the Excellence in Leadership Award, celebrating leaders within the organization who epitomize these fundamental Values.

Soldiers’ 1 Registered Nurse Elizabeth Nelson, captured the Trust Award for her commitment to her education, her calm demeanour and her dedication to patient safety.  She is known for actively contributing to the team’s well-being, readily assisting others, excelling in emergency communication, and for being a strong mentor of new nurses.

There were two winners of the Courage Award this year:  Manager of the Couchiching Health at Home Program, Geriatric Emergency Management Program, Nurse Led Outreach Team, Harvie 2 & Patient Navigation, Magella Wells and OSMH Project Manager, Robyn Orser.

Wells was presented with the Courage Award for demonstrating this crucial but sometimes overlooked value in healthcare leadership. She was praised for consistently making difficult decisions, advocating for patient and staff well-being, challenging the status quo, and fostering innovation and patient-centered care.

Orser was nominated for her Courage to face new challenges and her significant professional growth over the past year as a Project Manager at OSMH. Despite being relatively new to the role, she successfully oversaw intricate digital health projects spanning multiple sites and organizations. Collaborating with diverse vendors, she successfully implemented three integrated technologies — MyChart, Ocean eReferral, and Novari MIRM — enhancing our patient care experience.

The Teamwork Award was presented to the Couchiching Ontario Health Team (COHT) Care Clinic for their outstanding teamwork, courage, and innovation in developing and implementing an integrated healthcare model for unattached and vulnerable patients. Despite facing unprecedented challenges, they have demonstrated resilience and commitment, raising the standard of healthcare in our region and serving as a commendable model for integrated health services in Ontario.

Director of Integrated Care Nancy Bradley received the Excellence in Leadership Award for her transformative contributions to advancing Integrated Care at OSMH. As a dedicated leader, she has reshaped healthcare delivery, setting a commendable standard for integrated care practices. Bradley’s strong leadership fosters collaboration, breaks down silos and creates a patient-centric approach. Her passion, dedication, and innovative spirit have left a lasting mark at Soldiers’ and the broader healthcare community.

“In reflecting on the nominations, I am filled with pride, witnessing the profound spirit of teamwork, innovation and dedication within our hospital,” expressed Board Chair Ligaya Byrch.

“Speaking on behalf of our entire Board, we extend our heartfelt recognition to all nominees and recipients for their exceptional achievements. Being acknowledged by peers and colleagues for the remarkable contributions made daily is truly a cause for celebration.”

Photo Caption: (L-R) OSMH Board Vice Chair Lawre Pietras; Nancy Bradley; Christina Noganosh (COHT); Magella Wells; Katlin Garbutt (COHT); Robyn Orser; Lynne Penton (COHT); Cathy Suppa (COHT); Patty Duff (COHT); Dr. Kim McIntosh (COHT); Angela Sawyer (COHT) OSMH VP of Patient Care & Chief Nursing Executive, Jill Colin, OSMH President & CEO Carmine Stumpo.

Not Pictured: Elizabeth Nelson; COHT Team Members: Lynn Abernathy; Emily MacDonald; Brie Hardie; Lisa Blevins; Jen Silk; Miranda Swannell; Lisa Kamal; Danielle Shier; Andrea John; Claire Dankewich; Shianne Nunes; Ashley McKnight; Delaine Lloyd.