Welcome to Inside OSMH!

Welcome to Inside OSMH!

Hello, and welcome to our new blog: Inside OSMH.  This blog will be a different platform to have leaders inside our hospital share news and ideas.   Through Inside OSMH we hope to create a dialogue with our communities both in and outside of the hospital.  We don’t just want to inform, we want to engage and collaborate.

Each post will touch on a different topic of interest within a particular department, the hospital or the healthcare system as a whole.  ..  It will also allow us to talk about stories unique to our hospital that make us stand out and  show how OSMH is achieving our vision of excellent, compassionate care… every day.  We hope to reach more people in creative ways.

Is there something you want to hear more about? We are happy to consider your ideas for this blog as well, just email info@osmh.on.ca to let us know what you’d like us to talk about on this blog.

We hope you enjoy!

OSMH President & CEO